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Hi, and welcome to my blog! Follow me on my journey to reclaim my bikini body with low GI/GL diet and Japanese Diet.  I live in Sweden but I'm no viking. I'm originally from California, the land of lots of sun, healthy eating, and most of the year you can walk around in summer clothes. I speak, read and write Swedish. It took 2 and half years of studying Swedish, but I am proud to say that I've completed college entry level Swedish during that time. Though thanks to all the Swedish studying, writing, and speaking, my own native tongue has suffered. So if you notice a lot of misspellings, or strange sentence structure or weird sayings, it's because I tend to think in Swenglish terms now, so please forgive me >_<

I gained a good 40 lbs (18.18kg) while living in Sweden. The food is completely different than what I ate back home. In California, we eat a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables and lower fat foods. On the other hand here in Sweden, the food is much richer, with less fruits and vegetables, more potatoes and a heck of a lot more cremes and mayo based sauces (dips). It's food to survive the cold long winters, since more than half the year is technically winter if you compare it to most other countries. So naturally I put on 5 lbs (2.27kg).

Blame it on being a weakling or coming from a hot weather place, I ended up having some health problems from the very unusual freezing cold winters we've had here. But then again shoveling snow for about 2 hours a day in -18°C can even give the strongest vikings here some muscle aches. For most of that winter I stayed in bed with a lot pain, and gained the rest of the weight. I went from a size small to a size large, almost XL. The largest size I ever wore before this was a medium. I hated what I saw in the mirror, it wasn't me, it was someone else. I tried dieting and lost a couple of pounds but it felt as if the weight didn't want to leave. Thankfully I was introduced to LCHF and it kicked started my weightloss, and now I will continue my weightloss journey with low GI diet.

Hopefully this blog will help others who are interested in losing weight without starving themselves, or counting calories, and drinking awful diet shakes.

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