Friday, April 27, 2012

Food Log (27 April 2012)

I'm having horrible jetlag today. I finally fell asleep at 15:00 to about 18:30, then my OH woke me up, so I wouldn't be wide awake a midnight. My eating times were all over the place because of my jetlag. I didn't have the healthiest eating today, though compared to the sins I was eating while on vacation it's a lot closer to low GL.

Hopefully the weather gets warmer here soon, it feels like winter here compared to the past two months of wonderful weather I was able to enjoy.

A couple of wonderful non-scale victories while I was away: I bought smaller size clothes, even 3 pairs of jeans that fit (no more too big size jeans). I even bought a two piece swimsuit, one of those halter top bikini tops(like a tanktop) and bikini shorts. It's not my small bikini, but at least I was able to proudly put on a swimsuit and jump into the pool without feeling uncomfortable about my body. I got a lot of compliments on how great I look and how much weight I lost from last year when my family saw me. My OH and I offically tied the knot, though we've considered ourselves married since we moved into together. The only bad thing is that I had the worst case of pink eye infection in history when we got married, and so there were only a few pictures taken.

Breakfast: Musli with pumpkin seeds and milk.

Lunch: Schnitzel salad.

Snack: 1 cranberry granola bar.

Dinner: 2 slices of rye (with nuts) bread, butter, chicken slices and tomatoes sandwhich.

Guess who's back!

Just got back to Sweden the other night.  It's nice to be back, and get ready to kick back into high gear again. Can't wait for the jetlag to be done and over with, though sadly it might take a good week or two since I was gone for so long. I'm suffering from Jetlag as we speak, I've been up since 4:30am, and only slept for two hours. But I'm not tired now, I'm usually the if I don't get my eight hours of sleep I turn into an ugly monster type. 

Being in the land of lots of food and over indulgence hasn't been easy. I know I put on weight while I was gone. But I'm avoiding the scale right now as I know the traveling has made me eat at strange times and I didn't get the best of sleep lately which makes me retain water. Hopefully by the beginning of the week I will be ready to kick into high gear with low GL

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Had to put down an old friend :(

Things have been really really busy here. My mom's here, and my younger brother came to visit last week. It was really nice hanging out with the whole family. I haven't seen my brother since I moved so it was a really nice treat.

Though on a not good note, it's been also very sad for me lately. One of the dogs I helped raise when she was a puppy got really ill. Her cancer kicked in high gear and last week was really tough on her. We had to put her down on Sunday. I didn't get much sleep, and my eating went completely out the door.