Friday, May 25, 2012

Thirty third Weekly Weight Update!

Okay I'm a little bummed out with weigh in today. I started workingout again this past week. It was over a month ago that I did some serious workout. So I've been sore this week, but I noticed that on Tuesday the scale jumped over 2lbs. Since then the scale hasn't budged. I've been eating much less than I have been, and eating much better and healthier.

It's a little discouraging when you're doing good and the scale goes up like that. I can understand if I was pounding down Big Macs all day and food sinning, but I haven't I hope it's the working out and eating healthier that caused my body to get confused or something, and hopefully it'll wake up soon and start losing weight again >_<

+2.2 lbs (+1kg)

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