Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food Log (31 August 2011)

Another healthy low GL day, that makes 3 days in a row I'm really happy about that. I need to plan my meals more. I went to the grocery store trying to figure out what to buy in order to make for dinner. Luckly I came up with two dinner plans; dinner plan 1) Salad with quinoa and some kind of meat; dinner plan 2) Mexican food, burritos for OH, and taco salad for me. Tomatoes were on sale, so I bought a lot to make salsa.

While out running errands today, I went to a clothing store and picked me up a size M shirt. It's just a shirt to lounge around in, as the last one I bought a month ago is baggy now. I did try on some jeans while there. I was able to fit into a size smaller pants, though I need to wait probably another 5 lbs, as it gave me muffin top >_< Just a little bit more, I'm almost there!

I ran into a friend I haven't seen since before I started dieting and working out. She said I looked smaller and better, so that made me happy that people are starting to notice the change. I've been posting a lot about yoga and dieting on my Facebook.

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, raspberries, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, milk and agave syrup.

Snack: 4 thin slices of chicken breast sandwich meat.

Lunch: 2 knäckebröd with peanut butter and jam, and 6 slices of chicken breast sandwich meat. I needed to go grocery shopping.

Snack: Cottage cheese with pumpkin seeds, and a peeled apple.

Dinner: Spinach and rucola, tomato, corn, cucumber, green onion, feta cheese, and carrots with lots of lemon juice, quinoa and rotisserie chicken salad.

Snack: 3 pieces of dark chocolate.

Exercise: 27.5 minutes fast long walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Log (30 August 2011)

Two days in a row of low GL foods is great. I feel better again, and more energetic. Also the food was very lively and tastey, even if I didn't cook a meal today. Thank goodness for leftovers and food I froze.

It rains here a lot, I was just lucky before with it not raining so much. Seems like everyday might be a dodge the rain day on my walks. I have to wait for a break in the rain, and go for a fast walk. I can tell you I feel it in the front and back of my thighs now. It burns!!! But I guess that's a good thing, that I'm pushing myself to walk really fast.

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, goji berries, sultanas, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, milk, and agave syrup.

Lunch: Leftover chili beans from the freezer.

Snack: A peeled apple with tbs of pumpkin seeds, 1 piece dark chocolate, and 3/4 of Allévo bar. (The snacks were spread apart, I was quite hungry this afternoon).

Dinner: Leftover chickpea and red lentil curry with boiled egg, and rice/barley/oat mix.

Exercise: 26 minutes fast walk, pushups, crunches, and 50 minutes of yoga.

Ninth Weekly Weight Update!

Finally weigh in day is upon me. I was a naughty girl this past week, as you can see from my daily food logs. It's amazing the scale gods didn't strike me down with a bigger blow, but they did pay me a visit. Some how I'm .2lbs heavier today than I was yesterday, and I was being really good yesterday. I was very tempted to move my weigh in day this week, but I wanted to be true to myself and to my blog site readers, and just take it as it comes on weigh in day. I did lose half an inch off my waist this past week

Sure this past month (1 month and 2 days) that I started doing low GL hasn't been the biggest weightlosing month. I've lost 1.6 lbs doing low GL. Sure it's a very small number, but I've gained a lot of energy from the diet to do exercise almost everyday and from 1-1.5 hours each day.

The scale didn't go down much, but I've gained a lot of muscles. I've lost inches all over my body in the past 1 month and 1 day since I started taking measurements. Just to give an example, I lost 2 inches off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips, 1.5 inches off my bum, 1.5 inches off my thigh(right), and 1 inch off my knee(right).

Here's the 9th weekly weight update:

0.0 lbs (0kg) STS (stay the same)

Total amount since started: -10.8 lbs (-4.91kg)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Log (29 August 2011)

In the morning is weigh in day! Sorta scarey since I've had such a naughty week, eating a lot and then also eating high GL foods. I'll be lucky for any minus weight.

Food wise it's been good for me. Everyday needs to be more like today. The bad thing (according to mfp) is I'm under my calories, that's what happens when I eat strict low GL foods, the food keeps me full. Really amazing how low GL foods keep you full and satisified. I don't feel hungry like I was during the weekend with all that high GL foods.

I made chickpea, red lentil and boiled egg curry for dinner. My guy doesn't like curry in any form. What surprised me was that he said it smelled good, when it was dinner time. He even took a lot of it. I did add 3 tbs of greek yoghurt to the pot of curry, to soften the taste for him. I also had some seasoned naan on hand for him, since I know he likes naan a lot.

Exercise was a perfect day too. Though I did squeeze in my walk between the rain. It was a really fast walk today, and I even took the long one. Thanks to the threat of mother nature releasing a flood of rain on me, I walked as fast as my chubby little legs could go. I got rained on only a little bit, it was perfect timing for the walk.

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, dried goji berries, sultanas, cinnamon, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, milk, and agave syrup.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate

Lunch: Other night's leftover of grilled pork, salad, and rice/barely/oat mix.

Snack: 2 pieces of knäckebröd with peanut butter and no sugar added jam.

Dinner: Chickpea and red lentil curry with 1 boiled egg, and rice/oat/barley mix.

Snack: 1 piece of dark chocolate. Might take another one.

Exercise: 28 minutes fast long walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes yoga.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Log (28 August 2011)

Today's been a not good food day at all. Totally off the wagon on this one. A friend of mine came over and brought over some freshly baked maple pecan danishes, and so I had one. Then we went to Ikea and it was 19:00 so we had to eat, and we ate there. I ate the meatball meal, and even took a strawberry cheesecake. I didn't eat all the food, and only ate half the cheesecake. I realized after the first couple of bites I should have taken the salad, and none of the stuff I ate was really that good tasting compared to the low GL foods.

Ohhhh nooooooo, I'm going to be paying for this on weigh in day. At least exercise it went okay. I was able to squeeze in my walk in between the crazy raining today. Though with the black dark clouds hoovering above me waiting to pour down on me, it made me walk really fast, so I got my 30 minutes walk done in 25 minutes. My legs were throbbing badly when I got home, even my poor dog was out of breath. Amazing what a little motivation can do to make you move so quickly. I wasn't able to do all my yoga today, as my friend came to visit. But I got half my yoga done, at least it was the hardest part .

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, strawberries, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, milk, and agave syrup.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate. Maple pecan danish with two cups of rooibos tea.

Lunch: A little bit of last night's leftover, grilled pork, mixed rice/oat/barley, and salad.

Dinner: Ikea meatball meal, and 3/4 strawberry cheesecake, with lingon drink.

Exercise: 25 minutes fast walk, pushups, crunches, and 33 minutes yoga.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Shirts That Don't Fit

Today when I was trying to figure out what to wear to my sister-inlaws birthday fika, I tried on a handful of clothes. I discovered that two dress tops I have I can't wear anymore. They're too big on me, I was so shocked at how much arm space I had and everywhere. The arms used to fit perfectly. I told my guy that it looks like I'll keep these fancy shirts for when I get pregnant so I have something nice to wear with a big belly

Food Log (27 August 2011)

It's been some really weird weather here today. So I didn't go for walk, and the rest of the day was busy so I didn't have time for yoga. We did go throw away wood scraps at the dump today, and it poured on us. Fun fun.

We stopped by one of my guy's bosses house, to see the house they finished renovating. We ended up staying there a lot longer than we planned to. Lost time to eat a proper lunch, so I just ate something quick. Then it was time to go to my sister-inlaws birthday fika (coffee and sweets). She ordered a passion fruit cake, baked swedish cinnamon rolls, and muffins. I had one cinnamon roll, half a small muffin, and a thin slice of cake with a cup of rooibos tea.

When we got home several hours later, I felt like I crashed. I felt drained, exhausted, tired and grumpy. I thought to myself not eating a proper lunch, and having refined sugar and wheat flour must have did it. We made a proper healthy dinner. After eating it and the food beginning to digest, I feel much better

I got a compliment today, my guy's boss's wife noticed that I lost weight.  She said "Oh, you look thinner, you look great!"  It totally made my day, especially because of the fact that Swedes aren't the type to give compliments easily or often.  So it meant that much more to me that someone noticed, it makes all my efforts that much more worth it. 

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, strawberries, cinnamon, milk, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and agave syrup.

Lunch: 2 knäckebröd with peanut butter and no sugar added preserves.

Snack: Fika at sister-inlaw's, Swedish cinnamon roll, half a muffin, and a thin slice of passion fruit cake.

Dinner: Spinach, tomato, and cucumber salad, grilled pork, corn on the cob, and left over rice/barley/oat mix. 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Food Log (26 August 2011)

Today was a very humid day, the air felt so heavy. We don't get those too often, but going for a walk in it felt just bleh. Almost felt taking a walk through a sauna.

Food wise, I didn't cook anything except for microwaving my oat porridge, the rest was all leftover Korean. So if I gain another 1.6lbs tomorrow, we all know why.

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, mixed berries, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, milk, cinnamon, and agave syrup.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate

Lunch: Last night's leftovers.

Snack: Cottage cheese and yoghurt mix with pumpkin seeds, and a peeled apple.

Dinner: Last night's leftover.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes of yoga. Does grooming my dog for over an hour count as something? She was shedding like no tomorrow, and my arms were so tired after brushing her for so long. I filled up half an office trash can with just her fur I brushed out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food Log (25 August 2011)

Okay whew busy busy afternoon. It takes a lot of hours to make all that food. With my guy helping it took 2.5 hours. But the food is so worth the effort. I wouldn't say it's GL perfect, but it has a lot of veggies, and I made the medium grain rice healthy by adding barley and oats to it.

I made Korean style tofu, Namul two types (spinach, and bean sprouts), Ssamjang (dipping sauce), Bulgogi type pork, seaweed soup, and the special rice. Everything was from scratch so it takes time. Living in Sweden, and the countryside doesn't make for convience.

I didn't count the calories or the servings, but I figured oh well it's a lot of veggies and garlic. I actually couldn't eat as much as I thought I was going to. Though I do think I ate at least half of my exercise calories back today.

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, mixed berries, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, milk, cinnamon and agave syrup.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate

Lunch: 60% of the sausage from yesterday, with saurkraut and 1 small whole wheat tortilla.

Snack: Cottage cheese and yoghurt mix with pumpkin seeds and a peeled apple.

Dinner: Korean seaweed soup, bulgogi style pork, dipping sauce, namul bean sprouts and spinach, green lettuce(to make wraps), rice/barley/oats mix.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes yoga.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food Log (24 August 2011)

Food wise it wasn't the best of days for me, but it wasn't the worst either.  Exercise wise it could have been better, but then again not everyday needs to be full workout day either.  Went for a walk today, but it started raining, so I took a short walk instead of the usual walk.  I didn't do yoga today, since I decided to give myself a little break, and also there was painting that needed to be done still.

Lunch was 50/50, had a piece of frozen battered British style fish, so that was a naughty.  Dinner in itself wasn't the best.  Had a sausage wrap, the wrap was a whole wheat small tortilla.  Needless to say I was hungry a couple of hours later, so I had to take a snack.  The lesson I'm learning so far is that wheat products make me hungrier faster.  Even if it's wholewheat with fiber etc, it doesn't last nowhere as long as quinoa, oats, beans, and lentils.

Tomorrow's food is going to be much better as I already know what I'm going to cook.  We're going to make Korean food tomorrow.  So tonight I need to make daikon kimichi. 

Breakfast:  Oat porridge with fiber, with strawberries, cinnamon, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and milk.

Snack:  1 piece dark chocolate

Lunch:  1 piece battered British style fish, with ruccola & spinach salad with tomatoes, lots of lemon juice, and quinoa. 

Dinner:  Sausage with lots of saurkraut and tomatoes, wrapped in whole wheat fiber small tortilla. 

Snack:  1 piece dark chocolate.  Dinner didn't last long so I had to take a snack tonight of cottage cheese and yoghurt mix, with pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and a knäckebröd.

Exercise:  20 minutes walk, and 60 minutes painting the house. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food Log (23 August 2011)

Today was another I wasn't too hungry of a day. I didn't finish all my breakfast. I had to force myself to snack, even though I wasn't hungry, but because it was reaching 4 hours or not eating. Gotta keep the sugar level even.

At dinner I wasn't even hungry, but I knew I had to eat or else it'd be too late to eat later on. I was only able to finish half my dinner tonight. Weird how I'm working out alot, but I'm not so hungry like I used to be. I'm actually eating way under my calorie allowance in a day.

I got in a little extra workout tonight. We painted the house some more tonight. This time it was only for an hour and twenty minutes

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, blue berries, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, milk, cinnamon, and agave sirup.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate.

Lunch: Leftover tuna salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, red onion, oranges, feta cheese, corn, tuna and quinoa. I had a huge helping but figured it was ok since it was majority veggies.

Snack: Mixture of cottage cheese and greek yoghurt with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Leftover tuna salad.

Snack: Two pieces of dark chocolate with two cups of Roobios tea.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, 60 minutes yoga, and 1 hour and 20 minutes of painting the house.

Eighth Weekly Weight Update

This week's weight update isn't the best or the worst.  I have to admit that I'm quite pleased with it.  Throughout the week I'd see a little weightloss here and there, and then next thing you know when it's Tuesday it all adds up :) 

I've been exercising almost daily now.  I've become addicted to it.  There are days that I do feel a little lazy or something, and think nah I don't need to do it today.  But then I tell myself, "ok just go on that walk, or now just do at least 20-30 minutes of yoga."  Then it turns into an hour of yoga :)  I really enjoy the way I feel from my walks and yoga.  Also the benefits of shrinking in size helps.  Sure a quarter of an inch here or there a week isn't much, but it adds up in the end to an inch or two.

I haven't lost as much weight as I was hoping to, but I've gotten a lot stronger and have a lot more muscles than I did a month ago.  Since I should be losing at least 2 lbs a week, and according to my calorie counter I should be losing alot more a week from the exercise.  But according to Patrick Holford's Low GL Diet Bible, it does say that for those who began exercising alot it can be a slow start on weightloss, since we're converting fat into muscles.  So he recommends to also measure yourself to make sure you're still shrinking in size if the scale doesn't show it.  Thank goodness that I started measuring myself when I started the GL diet :)  Or else I would have had some depressing weeks a couple of weeks ago. 

Here's the 8th weekly weight update:

-1.8 lbs (-.82kg)

Total amount since started: -10.8 lbs (-4.91kg)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Log (22 August 2011)

I woke up hungry like I always do. I'm always hungry when I wake up, with or without dieting :) I ate my breakfast but wasn't able to finish it all. Not sure why, but just wasn't that hungry all day.

Didn't do that great on lunch today, as we were out and I had a bite of my bar on the way home. So my lunch ended up being more of a snack then a proper lunch, or a really light late lunch.

My OH had a great idea for tonight's dinner this morning. He said it would be nice to eat tuna salad with quinoa for dinner. It's really nice that he's trying to help come up with healthy meals to eat:) BTW he lost another pound :) :(

Breakfast: Oat porridge with fiber, blue berries, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, and milk. I wasn't able to finish all my breakfast.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate mint. 1/4 Allévo dark choco bar in the car.

Lunch: Knäckebröd with cottage cheese mixed with greek yoghurt, topped with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. 1 peeled apple.

Snack: 1 piece Dark chocolate, 1 piece Droste pastille extra dark choco.

Dinner: Tuna salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, corn kernels, radish, cucumbers, feta cheese, oranges, tuna and quinoa.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes of yoga.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food Log (21 August 2011)

I had a pretty relaxing day.  We had really beautiful weather here with lots of sunshine.  You learn to appreciate sunny days when you've lived way up here for awhile. 

Food wasn't exciting, since we had leftovers.  Though I did have 3 pieces of M&M peanuts today.  My guy brought home a huge, I got my taste of them, and that was more than enough for me.  I'm so happy that after only 3, I don't need any more to satisfy the tastebuds:)

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with fiber, mixed berries, milk, cinnamon, and two drops of agave sirup.

Snack:  Peeled apple with a table spoon of sun flower seeds.

Lunch:  Leftover chicken, frijoles, and salsa.

Snack: 3 pieces of M&M peanuts

Dinner:  Leftover chicken, frijoles, salsa on a bed of spinach and ruccola.  2 pieces of dark chocolate for dessert.

Exercise:  30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 60 minutes of yoga.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food Log (20 August 2011)

Today was a better day for me. The weather was much nicer too, a bit windy but at least the sun was shining and it was warm. Went for a walk today, I took a day off of yoga. Instead I got a little bit of painting done. Compared to the other day it's really short. I took it a little easy today. Okay maybe it's not as easy as I should, but I feel a little scared of not moving around I might blow up like a ballon and gain weight.

Food wise, it was a lot of leftovers to eat. I can't complain about the leftovers since the salsa and frijoles taste much better the next day.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fiber porridge with mixed berries (goji, black currants, black berries, cloudberries and umm I'm forgetting one), milk and cinnamon.

Lunch: Leftover salsa, beans, chicken, on a bed of green lettuce, spinach and ruccola salad.

Snack: a peeled apple with cottage cheese and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. 1 piece dark chocolate.

Dinner: Leftover salsa, beans, chicken, on a bed of green lettuce, spinach and ruccola salad.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, and 1.5 hours or painting the outside of the house.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Food Log (19 August 2011)

I probably did push myself a bit too much yesterday.  Been paying for it today.  It's always a learning experience on how far I can push myself.  But I'm getting stronger so that's a plus.

I didn't go on a walk today as it was raining and cold all day.  I decided to do some yoga in hopes of it making my pain ease up.  Doing yoga helped a lot.  I felt much better afterwards, it really helps the body loosen up and relax, just as much as makes it stronger. 

I made homemade Mexican food tonight.  Fresh salsa, frijoles (made from pinto beans), and rotisserie chicken pulled and seasoned.  I didn't eat any tortillas with my food, I just ate it as a sort of taco salad without any tortilla chips.  Maybe I overdid it with cooking and should have taken it easy today, since now I'm in pain again >_<

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with fiber porridge, with black berries, milk, teaspoon of honey and cinnamon.

Lunch:  Chili beans leftover that was in the freezer.

Snack:  Cottage cheese with sunflower seeds and half a peeled apple.

Dinner:  Homemade salsa and beans, chicken asada, green lettuce, ruccola, spinach and lots of lime juice.

Dessert:  2 pieces of dark chocolate.

Exercise:  Pushups, crunches and 61 minutes of yoga.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two great GL Diet books

There are two books on GL diet that I'm currently reading.  They're really great books, that explain a lot about the low GL diet/lifestyle. 

1)  The Low - GL Diet Bible by Patrick Holford  ( a book that goes indepth about the GL diet, with recipes to follow to lose weight).

2)  The Low - GL Diet Cookbook by Patrick Holford ( a book that's more of a digest about GL diet, with lots of recipes to lose weight).

Food Log (18 August 2011)

Whew, it's getting late already. It's been a very busy day today, I'm quite tired now. I went for my usual walk, and today's weather was nice compared to earlier this week, so we decided to take advantage of it. We don't get many sunny nice days here. We decided to do some more painting on the outside of the house, since it's probably the last chance we will get until next year.

We ended up painting for over 6.5 hours. By the time we finished for the day I was tired, and covered in paint. After all that painting neither of us felt like cooking, so we just ate foods that were easy to prepare. I ended up having breakfast foods for dinner, it was the most easiest thing I could think of making.

I didn't get any yoga done today, since we started painting in the morning and finished painting at 18:00. I'm hoping painting the house for over 6.5 hours counts as some type of exercise, because I feel beat.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fiber porridge with raspberries, milk and teaspoon of honey.

Snack: Cottage cheese with sunflower seeds and peeled apple.

Lunch: Leftover quiche from last night.

Snack: 2 pieces of chocolate and peeled apple.

Dinner: Oatmeal with fiber porridge with black berries, milk and 2 teaspoon of honey. 3 slices of smoked lax with 2 lemon wedges.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, and hoping 6.5 hours of painting counts as a little workout

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Log (17 August 2011)

Went for two walks today, since it was raining on the first one and it was a really fast quick one. My OH made dinner tonight, he's been wanting to make quiche for awhile now. Yesterday he even bought wholegrain spelt flour to make the crust so that I'd be able to eat the quiche. He also made it with A LOT of broccoli so that I wouldn't need to have a salad with it. It was really nice of him to plan dinner with so much of my needs involved in his dinner plan

I was a little lazy feeling today to do an hour worth of yoga.  My legs felt sore and heavy.

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with half milk and water, raspberries and teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: Ruccola, spinach, tomato and cucmber salad with lemon juice, slice of rye bread with avjar, and Norwegian smoked lax.

Snack: Apple peeled, 1 piece of dark chocolate, and cottage cheese.

Dinner: Homemade broccoli and bacon quiche with wholegrain spelt flour for the crust.

Exercise: 15 minutes fast but short walk, pushups, crunches, 31 minutes yoga, and 30 minutes walk.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food Log (16 August 2011)

Today's been a little busy for me. I got my exercise in and I'm really glad about that. Food wise I think it was ok, I haven't been planning meals lately. But it's been working out great so far.

Breakfast: All bran plus with blueberries and milk.

Snack: 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Lunch: Leftover hummus, tzatziki, spinach ruccola and tomato salad, and chicken, lots of lemon juice.

Dinner: Rotisserie chicken half breast with slice of rye bread, ruccola spinach tomato and cucumber salad with lemon, and some hot sauce for the chicken.

Snack: 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 1 hour of yoga.

Seventh Weekly Weight Update

It's been a lil busy for me today, so I'm posting my weekly weigh in a little later than I wanted to. I don't know if I should be thrilled or not. I gained 1.6 lbs in two days because of totm was coming, but lost it throughout the days. Did a lot of exercise hoping to counteract totm weight gain.

The positive thing is that I only gained 1.6 lbs instead of at least 3 lbs easy like I normally used to. Also it's been a much less dragging my feet one. On a good note, I did lose a little bit with the measuring tape. Lost 1/4 inch on my waist, 1/2 inch on the stomach, 1/4 inch on the hips, 1/2 inch on the bum, 1/4 inch on the thighs, 1/4 inch on the knees. They aren't much oh a loss, but usually at totm I have a harder time trying to button my pants, because it's so bloated, but not this time

So here's the 7th weekly weight update:

-0.2 lbs (-.09kg) totm

Total amount since started: -9.0 lbs (-4.09kg)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Log (15 August 2011)

Feeling pretty good all day today. I have a new milestone to add for today. I did 20 guy pushups, that's 10 more than the other day. Pretty excited about it. It's not much, but it's a babystep to being stronger and healthier. I'll take every babystep I can get, since oneday those babysteps are going to add up to a HUGE leap.

Today's food was ok, it could have been better. My guy made dinner so I'm not sure it was the healthiest, but I tried to do my best, and scrape off as much of the sauce of the oven baked omelette.

Breakfast: All bran plus with raspberries and milk.

Snack: 1/4 of my Allévo bar and a piece of dark chocolate.

Lunch: Last night's leftover chicken, hummus, tzatziki and huge salad with lemon juice.

Snack: Peeled apple

Dinner: Oven baked omelette with crayfish and sauce on top with salad and a slice of rye bread. Removed as much sauce as possible.

Snack: 2 piece dark chocolate.

Exercise: 33 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 62 minutes of yoga.

GI/GL diet and Time of the Month

I know it's not the best subject to talk about, but I'm so amazed about it that I can't help it. This is my first time having my totm(time of the month) on GL diet, and it's my 2nd day. Usually the first couple of days of totm is not the happiest ones for me. I'm usually a moody zombie with cramps.

Other than the two days before totm, it's been pretty good compared to my usual ones. I only gained 1.6lbs, whereas I always gained at least 3 lbs easy before. Only gaining half the amount of weight is a plus. But the amount of energy I have is amazing. Even my guy is shocked that I wanted to go on a walk yesterday and today. I even did my full yoga today, and I feel, well great!

The walk and yoga felt a little harder than normal, but I wasn't dying afterwards. I only had a few cramps yesterday and day before, but they were nothing compared to ones I usually get. I didn't feel bloated either, usually I feel like a HUGE waterbuffalo, but this time my pants didn't get tight around the lower abs.

Did I mention that I didn't have any huge mood swings, where if I see even a commercial I start tearing up? Also my cravings were very minimal this time too. Usually my cravings are really bad, but this time they were minimal compared to my usual.

So all and all I'm very pleased and happy with GL, not only am I losing weight with it. I'm also a much more energetic person with better skin, and better totm

I love GL more and more everyday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food Log (14 August 2011)

Today's food was really good and healthy. I'm proud of myself for today. Today's totm so I tried to take it a little easy. I still went for a walk, but skipped yoga today.

We made mediterranean food tonight, but I skipped the pita bread, and sticked to hummus as my carb. Everything was homemade so it was really yummy, and we knew exactly what went into everything I also used a lot of lemon juice.

Breakfast: All Bran plus with sultanas, gojiberries, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds and milk.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate and watermelon.

Lunch: Knäckebröd with cottage cheese and raspberries.

Snack: Watered down apple juice and sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Watermelon, hummus, tzatziki, chicken kebab meat, huge salad of spinach, ruccola, some cherry tomatoes, and lots of lemon juice.

Snack: 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk.

Food Log (13 August 2011)

I woke up in a much better mood, and didn't have any dizziness. I took my woman's multivitamin with my breakfast this morning. Just to be on the safe side, think I was low on iron yesterday. Instead of eating al dente pasta, I switched out for soy beans since they're really low GL. I was really hungry all day yesterday, blame it on hormones and not enough of the right carb.

I actually ate less than the minimum 1200 calorie requirement on myfitnesspal. Not that I was trying to go under, but it happens sometimes. Plus I wasn't as hungry today. Soy beans are great, I can have alot for a portion and they stay in the stomach longer. I still have 602 calories leftover today I earned 553 extra calories from my exercises today, but I'm not hungry so I don't need to eat it. As you'll see I snacked alot today too, I guess just more of the better stuff

2 new milestone today, I did 11 guy pushups, and 65 minutes of yoga!

Breakfast: All Bran with sultanas, gojiberries, sunflower seeds, almond slices and milk.

Snack: knäckebröd with cottage cheese and watermelon.

Lunch: Spaghetti sauce with soy beans, and some watermelon on the side.

Snack: 1 Piece of chocolate right before yoga.

Dinner: Spaghetti sauce with soy beans, and watermelon on the side. 2 pieces of dark chocolate 70% for dessert.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, 11 pushups, crunches, and 65 minutes of yoga.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Log (12 August 2011)

Since I woke up from bed this morning, my head's been spinning in circles. I went for a walk late morning, and thought I was going to passout a couple of times from being so dizzy. Later this afternoon I tried to do yoga, but only did 5 minutes. I thought there's no way I can hold a pose, because when I was laying down working on stretching my legs the ceiling was spinning.

I took a multivitamin with my afternoon snack, and have been taking it easy like everyone has been telling me to do today, which seems to be helping alot I had 3 pieces of dark chocolate today, but I spread them out.

Breakfast: All Bran with goji berries, sultanas and milk. 1 dl watered down cloudy apple juice.

Snack: 1 dark chocolate piece

Lunch: Al dente spaghetti with lots of veggies and tomato meat sauce. Some watermelon on the side.

Snack: 1 piece of dark chocolate, cottage cheese and watermelon.

Dinner: Leftover sauce and spaghetti and watermelon on the side.

Snack: 1 piece dark chocolate.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk, pushup, crunches, and 5 minutes of yoga.

Food Log (11 August 2011)

I don't know if it was the weather today or just totm coming soon. But I've been more clumsy than normal, and tired. I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon for over 3.5 hours. By the time I woke up it was time to start working on dinner. I felt I could have slept all day without a problem. My guy was kind enough to not wake up me, and he planned dinner. Which was going to the Schnitzel stand and getting food. I love that place, and today I felt so out of it that I said ok. He was kind enough to order me a schnitzel salad and bring it home. Everything is homemade there, so in the end much better than McDs. Although I had to pickout potato slices from the salad. I didn't know it had them and ate two bites, then realized wait a minute that's potatoes under the greens.

I'll admit my foods today weren't the best. I tried my best to behave, I was craving Pepsi, lots of chocolate and meat. I usually crave them before totm. So I have to give myself a small pat on the back for not caving in to the cravings completely.

I almost didn't do yoga today, as I felt really drained. I didn't do a lot, but doing a little is better than not doing any.

Breakfast: All Bran Plus, with necatrine slices and milk.

Lunch: All beef hamburger patty on top of toasted rye bread slice, lots of spinach, rucola, tomatoes, and cucumbers. A little ketchup and mustard on top.

Snack: Knäckebröd with peanutbutter, a dessert spoon of jam and some cottage cheese.

Dinner: Schnitzel salad with garlic dressing. Lots of veggies in this salad, so I was really pleased with that. I ate about 2 slices of potatoes, before realzing it. I picked out the rest of the potatoes.

Snack: 3 pieces of dark 70% chocolate. One before yoga and two after.

Exercise: 35 minutes walk, pushups, crunches, and 26 minutes of yoga.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food Log (10 August 2011)

Wasn't feeling too energetic today. Rearranging things around the basement, and painting. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do yoga today, I felt drained and blah. But I took some chocolate as a pick me upper, and it worked great.  I was ableto do alot of yoga afterwards. I felt 100x better after yoga. I like doing yoga in the mornings, but today we were working on the house, so I had to wait until the evening.  My achy muscles went away, I felt more relaxed and alive after doing yoga. 

Breakfast: Half musli, half allbran plus with sultanas, goji berries, sliced almonds, and milk.

Snack: Rye bread slice, with ajvar and thin chicken breast slices.

Lunch: Leftover from other night, Chicken breast meat, broccoli, and quinoa.

Snack: Two pieces of dark chocolate 70%.

Dinner: Last night's leftover Grilled pork, lots of salad, 3/4 slice of rye bread, and watermelon.

Exercise: Rearranging the basement and painting counts for something I hope. Pushups, crunches, and yoga. I was able to do 61 minutes of yoga today. I've never done that much before, so I'm really excited about this new milestone!

Myfitnesspal and Mini Goals

I've heard that using Myfitnesspal to keep track of calories is really great.  So today I made an accont there to track my food.  I think it'll be interesting to see exactly how much food (calories) I consume in a day. Only bad thing was I didn't weigh my breakfast today, and at lunch I completely forgot to weigh the food. So I had to take a guess at home much food it was. Doesn't serve much of a purpose if I'm not weighing the food. Weighing my food will be something I'm going to have to get used to doing

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I didn't have mini goals for myself.  It's great that I have a big goal, but I should have mini goals to be able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment a little sooner than say months away.  I thought that celebrating every 5 lbs of weightloss from now on will be something to look forward too Though 5 lbs seems so far away from now

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Food Log (9 August 2011)

Today went pretty good. Woke up a bit late today, so no morning snack for me. I was so happy from the weightloss and the half an inch each on my waist, tummy, hips and bum. I know I'm not skinny yet, but I felt a little tiny bit closer to the mark .

I woke up sore today from last night's yoga. After today's exercise I feel even more sore. But I do know that a certain time for me is coming soon. I was doing great all day until after the grocery store, I had some cramps, major craving for chocolate, and I was being a diva. My guy really recommended me to eat some chocolate before he would have to suffer from my wrath. So I gave in and took 3 pieces of dark 70% chocolate with alot of water, and felt much better.

Today's food log.

Breakfast: Sorta getting old but it's good, musli with dried raspberries, peaches, goji berries, sultanas, sliced almonds and milk.

Lunch: Last night's leftover chicken, broccoli, and quinoa.

Snack: Slice of rye bread with seeds and grains topped with ajvar and sliced chicken breast meat.

Snack: 3 pieces 70% dark chocolate.

Dinner: Grilled pork, lots of salad with balsamic vinegar, a piece of corn on the cob, and quinoa.

Dessert/Snack: Watermelon slices.

Exercise: 35 minutes walk with the family, pushups, crunches, and 30 minutes of yoga.

Sixth Weekly Weight Update!

This weekly weight update is the first one that is completely GI/GL.  I don't have my books in yet, so I've been trying to eat GI/GL in my own way, and with tips and help from the forums.  Hopefully my books will come in before the end of the week. 

I've been eating 1/2 plate of Veggies, 1/4 of protein, and 1/4 of good carbs (quinoa, beans, rye crackers or bread slice etc).  My food logs show what I've been eating everyday, so I can tell which foods helped or didn't help, and how much I've cheated.  As you can tell I've done quite a bit of naughty things during the week, for example: spring rolls, eating tapas late at night, and eating 10 pieces of sushi.  I had a .2 lbs weight gain from the tapas the next day.  I also had .6 lbs weight gain the next day from the sushi.  I was getting a little worried that the weekend really ruined it for me time weigh in day comes.  Yesterday I kicked in full gear and really tried to keep it strict.  No chocolate piece, no naughty things even when we ate out, well MAX luckly had a good for me salad. So it looks like being really strict yesterday paid off. 

I picked up a digital kitchen scale yesterday when we were out shopping, so when my books come in and tells me how much a portion is for different foods, I will be able to weigh them out.  Hopefully I will lose more weight quickly.

Here's the sixth weekly weigh in update:

-2.0 lbs (-.91kg)

Total amount since started:  -8.8 lbs (-4kg)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Food Log (8 August 2011)

Today went pretty good. I must say I'm pretty pleased with the things I ate. Healthy choices and some yoga. Too bad it's been raining like cats and dogs here, so I wasn't able to go on a walk yesterday or today. I really want some chocolate right now, but I'm trying to be good, tomorrow's weekly weigh in day, and ummmm I gotta try to make up from the weekend.

Today's food log.

Breakfast: Usual musli with dried peaches, raspberries, goji berries, sultanas, sliced almonds, crushed walnuts and milk.

Snack: Had 1/4 of an Allevo low calorie and low GI bar in the car, I had in my purse this time.

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad at MAX, it had very little chicken, small amount of bulgar, but a lot of veggies I wasn't full from it, but it took the hunger away.

Snack: Cottage cheese, and knäckebröd with some ajvar.

Dinner: Chicken breast meat with Jamaican jerk seasoning and lemon, broccoli, and quinoa. Some melon after dinner.

Snack: Japanese green tea.

Exercise: Pushups, crunches, and 34 minutes of yoga. Did a lot of walking around today while we were out doing errands and shopping. But I still miss my morning walk

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food Log (7 August 2011)

Today we had to go run errands, went to a home renovating place to get wood pieces. Was out most of the day, luckly I did take a bar with me today, and that saved me. But lunch time came and we were starving by then and had a long ways to home still. It was either McDonald's or our favorite sushi place. I said no to McDonald's there's just no way I'm going to sin that much. They don't have anything healthy there. At least sushi is not processed like McDonalds. So of course sushi is a much more healthier option than McDs.

Breakfast: Usual musli with dried peaches, raspberries, goji berries, sultanas, sliced almonds, crushed walnuts with milk.

Snack: One of those bars I bought yesterday. I had it on the road, I took a huge thing of water with me.

Lunch: Miso soup and ten pieces of sushi.

Snack: Some melon slices.

Dinner: Left over pork pieces, salad, and rye bread.

Exercise: Took a day off. But was moving and lifting wood pieces, my arms are a little sore now.

Food Log (6 August 2011)

So yesterday I did really good with my food, but then we went out for a birthday get together. Earlier in the day I went and about some diet bars, that said low GI, and sounded like it would be low GI, not sure how they'd taste. I was getting ready to leave and my guy said "We're goinna be late!" So I grabbed my things and jumped in the car. Halfway to the place, I realize omg I forgot a bar as my snack!

We went bowling, and I thought we were going to be done earlier, but I find out when we're there that we wouldn't be leaving the place until 2100. I was forced to snack on something there at 1900, so I took sparkling mineral water, and a thing of salted mixed nuts, they were the healthiest options there. Not much healthy options at a bowling alley, where most are drinking.

Finally dinner time, by the time we got our food it was 2200 >_<, way past the time I'd like to eat, but I was so hungry I thought I'd passout. We were at a tapas restaurant, and it was our first time, so we didn't know what size to expect. My guy and I ordered 5 tapas. Let's just say that they were really yummy, but we were nowhere near not hungry. By the time we left the restaurant, we didn't feel hungry anymore the food was digesting. But this morning I woke up STARVING.

Food Log for Saturday 6 August 2011

Breakfast: I'm sure you can guess it, my normal musli with the dried fruits and nuts.

Snack: Didn't have one, because we woke up late in the morning, and ate a late breakfast.

Lunch: Friday's dinner leftover of grilled outer pork tenderloin, nice serving of salad, and a slice of sourdough rye bread with lots of nuts and grains.

Snack: knäckebröd with peanut butter, and cottage cheese.

Snack: sparkling mineral water and mixed salted nuts at the bowling alley.

Dinner: Tapas at the tapas restaurant, my guy and I split 5 tapas. 2.5 pieces small scampi tapas, half a pirogi tapas, 2 pieces tiny ribs, half piece of garlic bread, half of a piece quesadilla, and a half a bite of bacon wrapped date. You should have seen how small each serving was.

Exercise: 30 minute walk with the dog and my guy. Does bowling 2.5 games count as exercise? It was hot like a sauna in that place.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The 80/20 Rule

According to my mentor on a diet forum I visit.  She says that I shouldn't beat myself up over the spring rolls, and there will be days things just don't go to plan.  Also she has the 80/20 rule, which is be good 80% of the time.  She also mentioned to not let a slip become a tumble down hill.  I think she has a good point. 

So I guess if we don't take a bite of chocolate and wait a month or months, then when we do finally eat chocolate, it might end up being ALOT more than just a bite.  But then again GI/GL isn't about never ever eating any of the medium and high GI/GL foods.  It's about if you do eat them, then eat them in moderation or mixed with low GI/GL foods.     

This morning when I weighed myself, I lost a little bit of weight.  A little bit of weightloss everyday adds up on Tuesday to a bigger number.  So I can't complain.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Log (5 August 2011)

I sinned today, I won't hide it or deny it. Day went really good, except for when my guy got home from work he had a gift. One of the guys he was working with, his wife made some thai spring rolls. The guy gave it to my guy as a thank you gift.

I took two spring rolls. But luckly they are little spring rolls, taking one was bad as is but taking the 2nd one I pushed it way too far. My guy was like take more, but I said no. So I guess it was good that I stopped at two, but I still took two of those small spring rolls. Goodness I'm doing bad aren't I ?

Ok so here's my food log for today.

Breakfast: the usual musli with dried raspberries, peaches, goji berries, sultanas, sliced almonds, crushed walnuts and milk.

Snack: A knäckebröd with a dessert spoon of organic no sugar added peanut butter and no sugar added mixed berry jam.

Lunch: Chili bean leftover, with two of those small spring rolls.

Snack: cottage with a knäckebröd and a nectarine.

Dinner: Outer pork tenderloin, with lots of leafy salad, and a rye sourdough with full grains and seed slice bread. One of those uber healthy breads. Dessert was some melon, it's friday night I had to splurge.

Exercise: 30 minutes walk with the dog, push ups, crunches, and 38 minutes of yoga. Yoga really kicked my butt today. Who knew that going from 25 min to 38 minutes would be such a huge difference. I need to get stronger. I was really lucky with my walk today, just as I was getting home from the walk, it started raining, and it's been pouring most of the day now.

GI or GL and Books

I've been looking at GI and GL books lately online.  GI is good, but GL is even better, it allows even more foods into the diet.  Which is great because with even more of a variety to choose from, it feels even less like a diet than GI.  Both GI and GL really don't feel like a diet at all.  It feels more like making healthy choices instead.  Carrots are ranked high in GI, up there with a cola. Who actually eats 1.5 lbs of carrots in a setting?  But in GL you're allowed to eat carrots since most people don't eat more than one at a time.  GL takes portion into consideration.  GL is the newer and updated sister of GI. 

GI is still great because it teaches you which foods are really good for you.  Also there wouldn't be GL without GI, since GL uses GI in it's equation to get the GL number.  I'll have to write an about section for GI and GL soon.  Hopefully I'll have a little more time next week to do that.   

Tonight I ordered two books.  Patrick Holford's  Low GL Diet Bible, and his The Low GL Diet Cookbook.  It should be here in 5-7 days.  I can't wait for them to get here so I can get more serious about GL way of eating. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Log (4 August 2011)

Here's my food log for the day. I was a little bad today. How much damage does a couple of bites do??? I'm scared >_<

Breakfast: Usual unsweetened musli with dried raspberries, peaches, goji berries, sultanas, almond slices, crushed walnuts and milk.

Snack: Skipped, I wasn't hungry

Lunch: Leftover chili beans from last night. Stole a bite of corn bread>_<

Snack: Knäckebröd with cottage cheese and a peach

Dinner: Again leftover chili beans. I made a lot, will have to freeze some down Stole a couple of bites of cornbread

Exercise: 30 minute walk with the dog, pushups, crunches and 25 minutes of yoga. I found out that with walking and yoga I burn 451 calories I was pretty happy about that.

Yoga with Yogatic!

I'm so happy today because my yoga dvds from Yogatic came in the mail this afternoon!  It took three days to get here, not bad.  I can't wait for tomorrow morning so I can get seriously into yoga.  I cheated and watched a bit of the dvd earlier, I should have gotten the dvds much sooner.  Though I felt I wasn't quite ready to jump into the dvd right away. 

I was doing their free youtube videos for 3 weeks to this day.  But by 2 weeks I was ready to improve and move further along in yoga.  I've improved that much in 2-3 weeks.  When I first started out, I was really surpraised at how flexible I still was for being a chubby girl.  Unfortunately I'm nowhere near as flexible as I used to be.  Yoga has gotten me physically stronger. mentally more at peace, and wanting me to improve my life, lifestyle and eating more.

I really enjoy the way Esther explains the poses.  She tells you how and where you should do and feel things.  Also if you're not as flexible, where you can hold the position.  I think her teaching style is really calm, relaxing, informative, and enjoyable.

For those of you that are interested in trying out yoga, but are scared to commit to going to a class or buying a dvd, I really recommend watching Yogatics youtube videos. 

Here are the links to their youtube videos I was doing for the past 3 weeks:

Yogatic Youtube Yoga for Beginners 1

Yogatic Youtube Yoga for Beginners 2

Yogatic Youtube Yoga for Beginners 3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food Log (3 August 2011)

The first half of the food for today wasn't exciting since I needed to go grocery shopping this afternoon.   Thank goodness that I wasn't hungry today like I was yesterday.

Breakfast:  My usual unsweetened musli with dried raspberries, peaches, goji berries, sultanas and milk.

Snack:  Didn't have one, as I wasn't hungry.

Lunch:  Unsweetened musli with dried raspberries, peaches, sultanas, almond slices, crushed walnuts and milk.  I was hungry but didn't have anything else GI/GL friendly to eat besides my musli.

Snack:  Rye cracker (crisp bread) with cottage cheese and a nectarine.   

Dinner:  Homemade chili beans, with kidney beans, soy beans, chickpeas, red lentils, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, onions, garlic and ground beef.  I put a lot of veggies in that chili beans, so I didn't make a salad.  I  had a bigger serving then I should have but it's a lot of water in my chili.  I baked cornbread for my guy, as he said it wasn't the same to have chili without my cornbread.  Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked homemade cornbread, so I took two bites :(  

Exercise:  30 minute walk with the dog, pushups, crunches and 25 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food Log (2 August 2011)

Here's my food log for today.  It wasn't that exciting as we ate last night's leftovers.  But it's always nice to take a break from the stove.  I was unusally hungry today, maybe it's from the exercise I've been doing lately.

Breakfast: The usual, unsweetened musli with(dried raspberries, peaches, gojiberries and sultanas) and milk.

Snack: A slice of dark bread with grains and seeds topped with Ajvar.

Lunch: Last night's leftover fried rice and a nice serving of salad.

Snack: Peeled apple.

Dinner: Last night's leftover fried rice and a nice serving of salad.

Exercise: 30 minute walk with the dog. Pushups and crunches, followed by 25 minutes of yoga. This evening we went for a 25 minutes bicycle ride. So I got in a little extra in there today

Fifth Weekly Weight Update!

It's been five days since I started eating the GI (Glycemic Index) way.  Major change in what I eat compared to doing LCHF.  I feel much better eating GI diet, because it fits my lifestyle and needs much better.  I'm able to eat a lot of vegetables, and enjoy fruit everyday.  My sugar/sweet cravings don't exist, I think it's because I'm allowed to eat fruits.  I imagined as soon I got some carbs in me I'd crave sweets and junk food.  But that didn't happen, and I'm quite happy that I don't feel tired, hungry or ill. 

According to Rick Gallop's GI Diet page's FAQs ,  there is a question about the difference betweek GI diet and Atkins (Low Carb) diets, and can someone switch from low carb to GI diet without gaining weight.  It said that for the first week or two that the weight can go up and down until the body adjusts. 
So guess what happened to me...   I gained weight everyday until Sunday, 31 July 2011, where it stayed the same weight for two days.  I gained +3 lbs (1.36kg) in four days.  Thankfully, yesterday and today I saw a small amount of weightloss.  I'm hoping that my body has finally adjusted to consuming more carbs than just 20g a day.  I'm still consuming much less carbs than I used to.  They're just much better carbs now.  This week's weigh in is a sad and happy one.  Sad because I gained weight, but happy because I lost a little of that gained weight.

Here is the fifth weekly weight update:

+2.4 lbs (+1.09kg)

Total amount since started: -6.8 lbs (-3.09kg)

Previous Weekly Weight Update!

Here are my previous weekly weight updates from my old blog.  You can click My LCHF Swedish Diet to view it.  These are the pounds (kilos) I've lost doing LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). 

1st Weekly Weight Update:  -3.6 lbs (-1.63kg)
2nd Weekly Weight Update:  -2 lbs (-0.91kg)
3rd Weekly Weight Update:  -1 lbs (-0.45kg)
4th Weekly Weight Update:  -2.6 lbs (-1.18kg)

Total amount since started: -9.2 lbs (-4.17kg)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Log (1 August 2011)

So for today I feel I did ok. Trying to get the feel of GI still. Is it supposed to feel like it's not a diet??? At least for me compared to low carb it doesn't feel like a diet at all. There's way less limitations on veggies and fruits, like you can eat the high stuff in small bit if mixed with the low stuff.
Yesterday I had no weight gain, finally after switching over to GI . Then this morning it went minus for the first time switching over . But tomorrow is my offical weigh in date so I will wait until tomorrow to see what the scale says then.

My food for the day:
Breakfast: The usual non-sweetened Musli with dried fruits (raspberries, peach, goji berries and sultanas). Of course it was soaked in milk, and a large glass of water. I drink alot of water normally

Lunch: A slice of dark rye bread that has nuts and grains in it, topped with Ajvar. A side of last night's leftover mixed salad.

Snack: A slice of dark rye bread(nuts and grains) with Ajvar, and a peeled apple.

Dinner: I made fried rice from last night's leftover meat and basmati/brown rice mix. I put in alot of veggies in the fried rice.

Snack: Since I didn't want to stuff myself for dinner, I had some mixed salad a little later. One and a half piece of dark 70% chocolate (it tastes like candy compared to 86% chocolate, which I ate when doing low carb).

Exercise: 30 minutes walk with the dog. Did 10 pushups, and some crunches. 30 minutes of Yoga. I forgot to jump on the trampoline today since people kept calling me during my workout.

I try to keep my portions small, and eat slow, chewing alot. Also doing the Japanese eat til 80% full thing. I know I could eat A LOT MORE when I eat, but trying to keep small portions, so I can eat 4 hours later or less. By the time I'm done with my food, the digestion started so I don't eat as much.

Food Log (31 July 2011)

Here's what I ate today (Sunday, 31 July 2011).

Breakfast: it's becoming my daily habit, about 1dl of non-sweetened Raspberry and Peach Musli (the dried fruits are very little in it). I added a few dried Goji berries and sultanas to it today. I cover the musli with just enough milk(about 1dl) to cover the musli. I eat it pretty dry. I have a HUGE glass of water with it.

Lunch: Leftover piece of European plaice, with some white beans, and happy mound of Japanese wakame salad(wakame, cucumber, and a little bit of shrimp, in a soy sauce vinegarette).

Snack: Four thin slices of chicken breast sandwich meat. Less than 1dl of cloudy apple juice, mixed with about .5dl of water.

Dinner: Two small pieces of grilled ytterfläskfilé(outter pork tenderloin), small amount of basmati and brown rice mix, with half the food amount being mixed salad.

Today's workout: 20 min walk with the dog. We did a short walk this morning because it was really hot out early. I jumped on trampoline, pushups, crunches, and 25 min of yoga.

I think I had a decent sized lunch, but it was mostly the salad part. But my portion sizes the other days were really small, and I noticed that I've been working out more and getting hungrier more.

First temptation on GI diet

Taken from my minimins diary, it was originally posted on July 30, 2011.

Today I had my first big challenge with GI. I went to a baptisim and dinner afterwards. I took a small insulated bag with white beans on ice with me. It's Sweden and we love our mayo, butter, and super mayonaised potato salads. Thank goodness I brought my white beans with me, I was able to eat it with the mixed veggie salad, cold cuts, and fresh fruits.

Then it was dessert time. I failed miserably, sort of. Well my sister inlaw makes some really wonderful desserts, they're like my cryptonite. This time she made 3 different types of cakes, a strawberry and vanilla homemade ice cream cake, a kladdkaka(swedish gooey type brownie) with white truffles and mixed nuts topping, and the last one was a mandel meringue with butter cream. I took an itsy bitsy small piece of each cake. They were very good, but I wasn't able to finish eating them. This was my first dessert and lux sweets in over a month. My stomach bloated and I just couldn't eat anymore. Serves me right for being a naughty girl and taking some cake >_<

Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome to my new blog.  This blog is a continuation of my weightloss journey to get my bikini body back.  I'm doing GI Diet with some Japanese Diet now to help me lose weight.  I started doing GI diet since Thursday July 28, 2011.  So I'm really new to this way of eating. 

I originally started doing LCHF (low carb high fat) a Swedish type of low carb diet.  I started my LCHF journey on Tuesday June 28, 2011.  I did it for 4 weeks, and lost 9.2lbs during that time.  It was great and fast.  I really recommend LCHF for those that enjoy eating fats and meats more than veggies.  If you're interested in reading about my LCHF journey and the beginning of my diet please visit  this link: My LCHF Swedish Diet .

Several reasons why I changed diets (LCHF to GI) is because:
1)  I love veggies, fruits and carbs.  I admit, I'm a carb addict.   Doing 20g of carbs a day really limited what vegetables I could eat, and fruits were non-existence.
2)  I became bored of the types of food I was able to eat, meats and a lot of dairy.  I've never consumed so much dairy in my life.  Which leads to the next reason.
3)  I developed a very itchy and burning rash/hives two weeks into doing LCHF it stayed for about two weeks.  Possibly a reaction to all the dairy I was consuming.
4)  It didn't fit my needs or lifestyle.  I began doing Yoga and it really made me realize this.

Everyone has different lifestyles and needs, and one must find a diet/lifestyle that best fits them.  This may mean that sometimes you might have to go through a couple of diets/lifestyles to figure out which one works best for you.  I really do recommend taking a couple of days or even a week to google and read about all the diet/lifestyles, so you can find which one sounds like it best suits you.